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"Elevating African made products to global Limelight"- This mission statement bore the cause for our existence and on this we would base our foundation. Africartz.com launched in Lagos, Nigeria in 2020 with the aim of providing African products worldwide through our large online e-commerce platform and by creating a strong online presence for our products around the globe. Our mission is to provide a platform for our customers to have easy access to these products at affordable prices and timely delivery coupled with our world class logistics system to deliver goods anywhere, anytime around the globe. Our customers are the backbone of our business and we would want to put smiles on their faces, if there is an opportunity to go above and beyond for our customers we take it. We are also committed to improving our services through our world class customer-care representatives as we would not hesitate to listen to you. We know how difficult it is to get some of these African products at your finger-tips and we strive towards making it easier to get them and also inviting foreign investors to invest in our products.


Elevating African made products to global Limelight is our core vision and the reason for our existence.

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Our aim for this promotion is to be able to depict the importance of African talent. We want people to be able to appreciate African brands the same way they appreciate international brands.. Through your medium we want both brands and customers to be a part of Africartz. We want brands who have their products locally made in Africa to put their products on the site where their products can be delivered anywhere around the world. From the sales, Africartz takes only 5%, we also want customers anywhere around the world to purchase these products.We want to elevate African made products to the Global limelight. We don’t want people to replicate brands such as Gucci, Fendi and so on, we want them to be able to create their own unique designs and instead of replicating they can be inspired by these international brands. Africartz is here to provide them with a platform where their products can be brought to the international limelight as well as make it easy for customers to purchase these locally made products with ease. It’s important to support and appreciate our own brands the same way we appreciate international brands, because these same items such as bags, shoes and furniture we purchase are manufactured here as well

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Executive Team

Mr. Ekwe Chidi Godwin
CEO - Founder
Mr. Adebanjo Olugbenga
General Manager
Mr. Sonubi Daniel
IT Manager
Chidiebere Obinna
Marketing Manager
Ogbuagu Esther
Chisom Mbonu
Creative Director
Ekwe Ifeanyi
Quality Control Manager
Kingsley Onuchukwu
Social Media Manager
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