As a vendor, how does my product get delivered to customer if it it is ordered for

We are in partnership with some leading Logistics company to enable swift delivery. This involves the vendor simply taking the product to a specific pickup location and we take it up from there to ensure the product get to the customer.

Which products can I get on Africartz?

Africartz Store only sells African made products

How do I place order?

Once you have located the product you want to purchase, just follow the following steps:
Step 1: Click on Buy now to add the product to your cart

Step 2: Click on “Place Order

Step 3: If you don’t have an account on Africartz. Enter your name  & Email address under the Personal Information section and click the checkbox Create account.

Step 4: Enter your Billing Details

Step 5: Click on Continue

Step 6: Select your payment method and click on Continue

Once your order is placed, you will receive an automated email to confirm your order. One of our customer representative may also call you to confirm the order.

Do you do Express Delivery?

Yes, Express Delivery is available on some selected products. Please contact us for details on this.

How long does it take my ordered item(s) to be delivered?

Delivery within Lagos takes 3 – 5 days while other parts in Nigeria takes 5 – 7 days.

Do you deliver outside Nigeria?

Yes we deliver to other countries, depending on the quantity of products ordered for. Please contact us for details on this

How do I register on Africartz as a vendor?

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Click sell (top right corner of your screen)

STEP 3: Click Vendor Registration and Input your details and click “Register

STEP 4: Remember to check your mail in order to verify your email.

How do I upload my products on Africartz?

How much does it cost to put my products on Africartz?

To put your product on Africartz is free but 5% commission is deducted on every item sold on our platform. Also, Five Hundred Naira (#500) only is charged for pick up of your product when it is ordered for by customers.

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